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Windows Binaries for the cpuminer-opt 3.3.4 CPU Miner


Update: We have updated the binaries to the latest version cpuminer-opt 3.3.4 that has support for the X11Evo algorithm used by Revolvercoin (XRE). The latest version should also fix the low difficulty shares for HODL that were present in the earlier releases and improve compatibility for some CPUs, including resolving issues that some people had with Intel Westmere-based processors. There is also a significant improvement for the performance of the M7M used by the Coin Magi (XMG) over the older versions of cpuminer-opt. We have also added cpuminer-sse2.exe binary for processors that do not have AES-NI support, so you might want to try that one if you have an older processor. Just download the archive below for the latest version of the binaries compiled for Windows.

– To download and try the cpuminer-opt 3.3.4 CPU miner 64-bit Windows binaries…

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