Mining Hardware

Performance Results from 2x Gridseed Blade Miner ASICs


We are starting up with a result showing the two Gridseed Blade Miners, each of which is reported as two separate devices, fixed in mining for LTC with a worker difficulty of 256 at the scryptguild pool. The Blade Miners are running at 800 MHz, a frequency that can normally provide up to about 5.6 MHS in mining a fixed crypto currency with higher worker difficulty. Note that one of the PCBs, namely the GSD 1 device does report a lower actual hashrate and that is a direct result of getting some HW errors from that PCB. It seems that this could be related to the cooling not giving a good contact to one of the PCB sides for example, so we recommend to inspect your miners and if needed to optimize them a bit before running them, just in case and to get the best performance. This is something that we recommend doing for the smaller 5-chip Gridseed ASIC devices as well, especially if you plan to overclock and voltmod them, you need to check the contact between the cooler and the chips.

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