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NiceHash Miner, a New Profit Switching Mining Application


The first time you run the NiceHash Miner software you will need to go through the Benchmark mode in order for the software to determine what your mining hashrate will provide in terms of hashrate for the different supported algorithm. Then you are ready to start mining with all or only a few of the mining capable CPUs/GPUs you have available – you can choose what you want to mine with. There is however still no support for you to chose only some of the supported algorithm, so you are stuck with all of the available in the software. We are probably soon also going to see an OpenCL miner such as sgminer integrated to add support for AMD GPUs as well, but for now if you have AMD GPUs you can still rely on the Miner Control Tool for example for automatic profit switching at NiceHash/Westhash. Their own tool does look promising and works pretty well, but it needs more work and features, also do not forget that it is still in beta. Still you might want to give it a try though…

To download and try the latest NiceHash Miner beta software (binary releases)…

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