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Merit, a New Under the Radar Digital Currency To Check Out

One of the good things about the project is that you actually can mine coins, we like mining crypto coins and we are sure you do so as well, but there are also other ways to earn coins like the Growth Rewards that are a kind of a lottery system for rewarding people for growing the network. After you learn you can mine coins, the next logical question is if you can trade them somewhere, so is there and exchange where Merit (MRT) is being traded? Yes, there is, an official Merit Market that is already doing quite good. In the market you can directly trade MRT coins with other users, buying or selling them for Bitcoin (BTC) via an escrow service that works surprisingly quickly and efficiently. Merit is not yet on some of the big and popular crypto exchanges, but sooner or later that will happen inevitably as the project continues to grow.

start merit-minerd-0.4.exe --url stratum+tcp:// --address MFE8mkm6hzgxDHkbko2YeUCFSK3cWt6TvH --gpu 0 1 2 3 4 5 --cores 0
wmic process where name="merit-minerd-0.4.exe" CALL setpriority 16384
timeout /t 1800
taskkill /f /im merit-minerd-0.4.exe
goto loop

Let us get back to mining and dig a little deeper into it. The PoW algorithm Merti uses is called Cuckoo cycle and it is a new one like many of the things in the whole project and that is one of the things that makes it interesting and attractive. The target block time is 60 seconds and the block reward is 20 MRT, though only half of it goes to the miners and the other half goes for the growth rewards. The difficulty is being retargeted every 300 blocks or roughly about every 5 hours and thanks to the controlled-growth model it should not be moving very rapidly up or down. The total supply of MRT coins is 100 Million with 20M premined in the genesis block, so far there a little below 7 million coins mined.

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