Cloud Mining

First Impressions from the Bit-Mining Cloud Mining Service


Bit Mining offers cloud mining BTC and LTC hashrate and there is an exchange where you can purchase GHS for Bitcoin mining with BTC as well as KHS for Littecoin mining with LTC. The price of SHA-256 cloud mining hashrate is currently about 0.017 BTC per GHS which is lower than the current exchange rate at that is about 0.0197 BTC per GHS, but is almost twice higher than on PBmining where the current price is 0.0089 BTC per GHS (for a long term contract though, meaning you cannot sell it on an exchange). At the moment there are about 4537 GHS available for trade on the exchange, so significantly lower than on other cloud mining services with their own exchanges, but still more than enough for many people to get into cloud mining with a small investment just to try it out. So if you want to purchase 100 GHS Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate at Bit Mining you will have to pay for it about 1.7 BTC.

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